Traditional Naturopathy



Naturopathy focuses on the assessment of habits, diet, lifestyle choices, etc. and giving suggestions for supplements, creating customized herbal remedies, and providing accountability to help clients make the changes they need to live healthier.


  • EVALUATE: Various evaluation methods, such as iridology, diet assessment, pH analysis, muscle response testing, and more are used to assess clients. These can tell of organ systems that may be in need of additional support.
  • LISTEN: Speak and be heard! Talk about what your typical stressors are, what makes you happy, what you wish you could do more of, etc.. These things can all have an impact on your health, and your Naturopath is there to help you connect the dots!
  • RECOMMEND: After evaluating and listening to your concerns your Naturopath will recommend a customized plan from supplements, lifestyle adjustments, diet changes, stress reduction, and more to promote the natural healing capabilities your body has.
  • IMPROVE: Every visit your Naturopath will speak with you and reevaluate to keep track of progress made. Your plan may occasionally need some adjustment and tweaking in order to get the results you desire. It takes years to develop problems and so it takes a while to get all your systems functioning optimally again.

Personalized Herbal Remedies

The use of fresh, dried, or extracted herbs and flowers in the form of aromatherapy, tinctures, oils, and more to achieve a balance of physical and emotional wellness.


The study of the markings and structure of the iris. These markings can help pinpoint what organ systems are in need of support.

Nutritional Planning & Supplementation

"You are what you eat." Making diet changes and taking supplements are essential to building up your body.

Traditional Chinese Facial Mapping

The various shapes of the face, markings, coloration, and symmetry are indicators of which systems require assistance.

Muscle Response Testing

MRT is a way of checking for weakness in various organ systems. By doing so we will be able to determine what regimen may be helpful.

Habit Tracking

A person's habits can make or break their overall wellness. By tracking these habits we can pinpoint where adjustments are needed.

pH Analysis

A means of gauging the body's ability to absorb nutrients and dispel toxins in the digestive tract.

Stress Management

A key component of both mental and physical health. Stress management should be simple and relaxing.

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